Elevate your audio system to new heights

 with the F4 Signature 8 Outlet Power Distributor – not just a solution for superior sound quality, but also a work of art. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the product body is made of crystal acrylic, providing both stunning visual appeal and unparalleled strength. Its unique design is a testament to the beauty of audio equipment and should be showcased, not hidden away.

Our proprietary OFC high-purity copper wires, treated with silver ion plating, deliver unparalleled electrical purity and the most transparent sound possible. The reliable and secure connections of Bticino sockets ensure your high-end audio equipment performs at its best.


But the F4 Signature 8 Outlet Power Distributor isn’t just about sound quality – it’s also a statement piece that complements your entire audio system. Its beautiful design adds visual strength to your setup, making it a centerpiece that showcases the beauty of audio equipment.


In addition, the F4 Signature 8 Outlet Power Distributor allows you to utilize 220V in the US(110V-120V), enable the phase (polarity) checking of each audio component’s sonic performance by plug in the right direction, ground socket is embeded. You only need one US 3 prong power cable to connect this beautiful power distributor to a wall socket. This means you can enjoy the most accurate and realistic sound quality possible, while also having a power distributor that looks as good as it performs.


With 8 outlets and stable, noise-free power, the F4 Signature 8 Outlet Power Distributor is the perfect addition to your high-end audio setup. Upgrade your system and experience the purest sound quality possible, with the added benefits of improved phase performance, reliable and durable Bticino sockets, and a beautiful design that complements your entire audio system. Don’t hide your power distributor – showcase it as a work of art.



Core Wire Materials

OFC Copper with Silver Ion Plating

Case Material

Crystal Acryl