The SuperMon Mini

Compact Design with a Big Impact 

One of our latest offerings, the SuperMon Mini is a true marvel of product design for on-axis nearfield listening experience.

Created by Jun Hyeog Seo (the founder at MonAcoustic and the chief engineer), whose jazz sensibilities and experience as a guitarist certainly come in handy, our product offering seeks to combine performance with a compact frame.

In terms of outer construction, the enclosure on the speaker is reinforced with the highest quality materials including a 6601-grade aluminum that promises durability thanks to its anti-corrosion properties. 

SuperMon Mini marries top-notch build quality with unrivaled performance to deliver an audio performance comforting your ears. 


SuperMon Mini bottles the essence of high-end sound then resurrects it in places where you’d not usually find it”

Srajan Ebaen

SuperMon Mini bottles the essence of high-end sound then resurrects it in places where you’d not usually find it”

Srajan Ebaen

Upgrade your Listening Experience

The SuperMon Mini is specially designed to replicate natural sound reproduction while achieving a wide range of frequencies from 65 HZ to 25K HZ. It also manages to stay true to the guitar amp sound and high definition rich vocal tones with dedicated frequency allocations among unit components. 

The high-performance in-house designed AMT tweeter produces higher frequencies from 6,800 HZ up to 25,000 HZ. 

The main full-range driver consists of a specially coated paper cone that handles low to high frequency from 65 HZ to 6,800 HZ with sensitivity at 88dB. Contained inside are Isobaric networks, with a Mark Fenlon designed 4” harmonic driver.

Built for Comfortable Nearfield Listening 

Weighing in at 5.2 KG(11.5 lbs) each, the SuperMon Mini demonstrates that the unit is packed with an unbelievable sonic impact, offering a minimalistic footprint with a great modern design aesthetic that is suitable for your desk, bookshelf, or any area to fill up with your favorite music. 

Though this model is not bass heavy, its isobaric network intends to provide you with full musical experience. Its isobaric design utilizes its rear port to provide you with bass to create harmonics utilizing the wall behind.  




2.5 Way Isobaric

Cabinet Material

Aluminum 606 Grade

Face Plate Colors

Silver, Pink

Bespoke Color

Available on request with additional cost

Tweeter Unit

Mon Acoustic designed AMT tweeter

Driver Unit

Mark Fenlon design 4″ harmonic driver


Mark Fenlon design 4″ woofer

Frequency Range

65hz ~ 25,000hz


4 Ohm/ 88dB

(inch); Weight(lbs)

4.72/8.27/6.69 & 23 lbs

PRICE (pair)

$2,000.00 USD